Safe Door Diagram


1. Door Thickness
3/16”-1/4”-3/8” – ½” or 1” of solid steel plate No composted doors. Also can be made of Solid Stainless Steel.

2. The Lock
Chrome or Gold. Standard combination. Digital. Digital with a duress option. Bio metric (fingerprint).

3. The Handles
Standard Lever. 5 Spoke - Chrome, Black Chrome or Gold. USA Solid Brass.

4. Frames
Made from 2”,4”,6” or 8” Channel for the lighter doors. Made from formed Channel iron for the Magnum Series up to 24”.

5. Active Bolts
13/16” for the lighter doors. 1 ½” Stainless Steel for the Magnum series.

6. Thermal Relocker
Will stop Cutting Torches and Cutting wheels from breaking in though the lock.


7. Honey Comb
We add extra steel to the inside of the door to stop cutting torches from cutting though the door.

8. Keyed Bypass Lock
This is a special 5” long unpickable key that can unlock your door in case of Vandalism, fire or a malfunction.

9. Hinges
Made from hardened tooled steel. Designed so your door can swing a full 180 degrees. Also, the door can be lifted from off the frame.

10. Fire Rating
Once you add the 1” of ceramic fiber covered with 5/8” fire board along with the expandable fire seal, that will give you a rating of 4 hours at 1200 degrees. (Check out my testimonial - 4th from the bottom)

11. Hard Plate
We use a ½” thick piece of Manganese and that will stop any drill bit.


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