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Inside look on all the different kinds of Vault Doors we can make to fit into your home.
Magnum Vault Door

(Rough Opening 82” x 43 ¾”)

This door is mounted on an 8” or 10” formed channel iron frame and comes with a ½” solid steel door skin, giving it an overall door thickness of  3 ½”. The door weighs in at 1100 pounds and comes with 8 plungers made of 1 ½” Stainless Steel round stock.

With the Magnum series, everything gets heavier: The mechanism that runs the plungers, the plungers, the frame that holds the plungers, the formed channel iron, and, of course, the ½” solid steel door. 

The Magnum Vault Door is my very best seller for these two reasons: It is an impressive door and has a very good price. 

Base Price: $2270
Base Price Includes Combination Lock & Handle
*All other options listed below
Delivery: Worldwide
Installation: Nationwide

Magnum Vault Door Prices

Description Detail Price Ship. Wt.
8" channel, 1/2" door, 8-1 1/2" stainless steel plungers ID 78 1/2" x 38 1/4", OD 81" x 42 3/4" $2270.00 1095 lbs.
High Gloss Paint Brown, Burgundy, Forest Green, Midnight Blue, Black, White $795.00  
Textured Color Black or Green $395.00  
Inside Handle   $150.00  
Easy Installation (Wall Thickness)   $150.00  
Full Inside Flange   $175.00  
Inside Swing   $150.00  
Ceramic Fiber   $150.00  
3/4" Threshold   -  
Plunger Cover   $125.00  
Facing Lock - Hinge on Right (instead of Left)   $75.00  
Stainless Backing Priced on request    
Thermal Relocker   $75.00  
Honey Comb   $175.00  
1/2" Manganese   $75.00  
Roller Rods   -  
Bypass Lock (click to watch video)   $195.00  
Pinstripes   $75.00  
Print Name On door $75.00  
Changing Tool To change combination $20.00  
5 Spoke Handle made in China   $75.00  
5 Spoke Handle made in the USA   $155.00  
Gold Spyproof Lock   $50.00  
Gold Spyproof Lock/Key with Key Insert $70.00  
Deluxe Gold Digital Lock   $265.00  
Standard Gold Digital Lock   $140.00  
Bio Metric S&G   $670.00  
Escape Hatch   -  
14 ga Brushed SS Laminate   $800.00  
Residential Delivery   -  
Tailgate Lift   -  

Custom Magnum Vault Door

- Right hand hinged, outswing

- Painted in Gloss Black, pinstripes complete
with a solid Brass USA 5 spoke handle

- Matching gold LaGard Lock

Magnum Vault Door - BEST SELLER

- Left hand hinged, inswing & a full inside flange

- Painted in Gloss Burgundy complete with a bright chrome 5 spoke handle

- Matching chrome LaGard digital lock

The Magnum Vault Door

The Magnum Vault Door has a ½” solid steel plate with an overall thickness of a little over 3 ½”, and comes with an 8” formed channel iron frame. This door weighs in at 1,100 lbs and has 8 plungers that are 1 ½” diameter made of solid stainless steel.

This door can be mounted on however thick your walls are, and need a rough opening of 82” x 43.75”, or you can give us your measurements and we’ll make a door for you. It is best to be mounted directly to the concrete walls with all wood removed.

With the Magnum Series, we start to get serious with security, fire and appearance.

The Heavy Vault Door vs The Magnum Vault Door:

  • The Magnum Vault Door has a ½” thick plate compare to the 3/8” plate
  • The Magnum Vault Door has a formed channel iron frame which is stronger and looks a lot nicer than the dimensional 8” channel iron on the Heavy Vault Door. So, instead of welding a ¼” x 2” strip to the frame like on the Heavy Vault Door, it is formed in the channel, giving it a lot cleaner look
  • We use 1 ½” diameter stainless steel plungers instead of 13/16”, which is almost 4x stronger
  • The door frame that houses the plungers is built 3x stronger on the Magnum Vault Door
  • The cam is twice as strong on the Magnum Vault Door so it can support the larger plungers
  • The thicker door skin and extra air space give it a higher fire rating
  • The Magnum Vault Door weighs 300 lbs more than the Heavy Vault Door and that is all door
  • We make the hinges so it can handle 3x the weight for the Magnum Door

The Magnum Vault Door is my best seller for two reasons: 1) it’s a very impressive door, 2) at a very reasonable price.

We also offer worldwide delivery and nationwide installation. Just send me a zip code so I can figure the shipping cost, or call Dustin, the installer, at 419-308-8769. Dustin will bring the door with him so you will not have any shipping charges if you use him.

You will get a quote from me and then from him to get a total cost of your door and installation. Click the button below for an itemized quote along with some schematics, rough openings and an explanation page that will lay out all my options plus how to order.

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My Name is Doug Smith, owner of Smith Security Safes, and if there is ever an issue just give me a call. I am the one who answers the phone most of the time, takes orders, designs the doors, and I am the one who built the business for the last 35 plus years. I will always do my best to make you happy.


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